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I will supply finished print ready artwork

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Advert space required (if you are supplying own artwork)

Pole Sign (per pole per day)

(500 + Tax)

Adhub Newsletter (Per Month)

(500 + Tax)

Public Notice (per day)

(900 + Tax)

Coupons (500 qty)

(1250 + Tax)

Jang + Express (1 in month * Classified)

(1900 + Tax)

Flayer Print + Distribution

(650+ Tax)

Advert space required (if you’d like us to create your artwork for you)

Vadhub web ad

(1000 + Tax) per month

Vadhub web ad (1000 + Tax) per month

Max. 60 words and max. 4 images

Cable ad (925 + Tax) per day

Max. 10 second ad 10 spots

FM 99 & FM 97(1525 + Tax)per spot

Max. 10 second ad.

Streamer Campaign (975 + Tax)per streamer

Including printing, approval & installation

Xstand ad in Malls (1025 + Tax)


Bus Shelters Ad (2075 + Tax) per day

Including printing, approval & installation

Luggage Trolley

Ad (275 + Tax) per day per trolley. Including printing & installation on two sides.